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The Latest Android Development Trends for 2019?

The Latest Android Development Trends for 2019  – Another year with new and exciting potential outcomes is here. 2019 is here and it is carrying another android future with it. There will be some industry-first Android application development trends in 2019 which will help the present development process by manifolds.

Without a doubt Android has made some amazing progress and the story of Android is nothing less than inspirational, achieving a change in the mobile application development industry. Launched back in 2008, Android smartphone OS Market Share presently drifts around 85%. Moreover, volumes are relied upon to develop at a five-year CAGR of 2.4%, with shipments moving toward 1.41 billion of every 2022.

Android approval has developed significantly, knowing our rivals in the race of technology and market share. With every year, Android is proceeding with new strategies and tools in mobile applications development. All the changes are aimed at simplifying development process, and in addition joining best practices in user experience and structure.

Every year carries with it new thoughts, technology and trends implying changes. Many times innovation is a symbol of tomorrow’s trends. Before you take a dive in investigating and riding on the influxes of changes or hire mobile application developers to build up an application, it is critical to comprehend the trends and its suggestions on Android environment. Don’t simply imitate changes, rather partner with a mobile application development organization to exploit its advantages.

Here we present a fast round up of Android application development trends that will give you a superior knowledge into what will dominate in the year 2019.

The Latest Android Development Trends for 2019?

In these top of the line techno-savvy times, organizations need to up their diversion to remain in the opposition. Other than the physical world of sales, stores, and mall there is a whole digital world of the web where the greater part of the world’s cash is being transacted right now. All this money in mobile phones and to get that cash, organizations need to get in their phones and the most ideal approach to do that is building up an incredible mobile application.

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Why Android app trending for Business Solutions?

In the event that you are planning to build up your own business application, then we suggest you go for the Android platform. We have some strong reasons why you ought to make an android application for your organization.

How has Android changed the world?

  • Android has as of now over 2.6 million applications in its Play Store market; making it the biggest App store in the world.
  • A year ago customer spent more than $20.1 billion on buys from the Google Play Store.
  • Greater part of individuals go through 1.5 months of a whole year on mobile applications. This gives organizations the best platform for introduction to their customers.
  • Normal smartphone user accesses around 40 unique apps every month.

These realities tell for themselves the advantages of proceeding with Android application development for your organization product and services. Many huge companies go for 2 separate native applications (iOS and Android) however in the event that you don’t have enough financing to go for such a huge venture, you should begin with Android application development.

Continued Rise of Android Instant Apps

  • With Google Play Instant, Android users can tap to experiment with an application or game totally skirting the installation process. As Instant Apps don’t require users to download the Apps, they are easy to use as a site and are operated directly from the cloud. As a result, these applications don’t consume up extra space on your mobile device.


  • These applications eliminate the clutter of unnecessary applications on devices. Google has recently launched a various new features for Android application developer to make it easier to build smaller demanding to assemble littler applications that download quicker enabling potential users to try out a new application without installing it.


  • Android’s new application publishing format, the Android App Bundle, is a stage toward the path to offer a Google Play Instant experience rapidly. The year 2019 will follow the further progress for Android quick applications.


Android Apps Architecture

Google’s architecture guidelines characterize the best practise in building an Android application and suggested architecture to manufacture high performance and booming applications. Android architecture component fill in as a decent beginning stage to build stable applications. With Architecture component, developer can build applications with less standard code and spotlight more on the code that makes application extraordinary.

Android application architecture will help the Android application developer community to build stable applications and eliminate the confusion about the idle pattern for Android, for example, MVC, MVP, or MVVM.

Era of Emerging Technologies and Android

  • The focus is presently towards making Google smarter and outfitting AI in all aspect ideal from self-driving vehicles to smartphones. Google’s AI-focused procedure is currently expanding the reach of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for mobile application development. Assistance are picking up popularity with every day. A few assistances are being joined in applications as Chatbots.
  • Google has already taken step in the direction by introducing “Activities” and “slices” at Google I/O, which permit applications to coordinate with Assistant specifically on the devicest. Google needs users to invest more time in specific platform—like Google Lens, its visual inquiry tool designed to flawlessly look through your general surroundings through your camera.


  • Android application development is taking the next leap with the combination of AR/VR with AI by presenting progresses in hypnotic technologies, including its Visual Positioning Service (VPS).

Android Enterprise

  • Android devices, after iOS devices are most utilized and prefered devices s in the undertakings for work. A Google-led program, Android Enterprise sets up best practices of Android application in Enterprise ecosystem as well as gives complete cover over applications and data owned by a business association.
  • The program gives APIs and different devices to designers which offers integrated support for Android into enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.


2019 will be an amazing year for android development and for everybody who will be a part of it, be it an developer or a entrepreneur. If you are keen on these up and coming Android App Development Trends of 2019 and wish to make your very own trending android application then you should contact the best android application developers that are knowledgeable with these significant trends.


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