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Where do paid search advertising appear in the search results?

While this guide focuses on traditional text ads,  there are additionally other advertisement formats worth mentioning. Here’s how and where different search ad formats appear on Google search results pages.

Text ads

Can show up at the top and bottom of the search results pages on both desktop and mobile. Up to four text ads may show up at the top of mobile and desktop search results.

Advertisements are sometimes also seen in local packs of listings that pull data from Google My Business.

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Fig 2 – Text ads appear at the top of search results

Engine also presents text ads at the bottom of the search results pages.

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Fig. 3 – Text ads are also served at bottom of the search results pages

Local ads

Businesses with physical locations can show ads in local packs, (Fig. 2) and Google Maps (Fig. 4). The corresponding pins on the map show in green and display an “Ad” label when a user hovers over them.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads, also called Product Listing Ads (PLA) by Google, are a developing area for both product ads, retailers and search engines (Fig. 5) by Bing and Yahoo.

These ads are conveyed through a different campaign mechanism from text ads. These image-based ads include price, merchant name, reviews and offers.

Ads can appear in the carousel at the top of search results on mobile and desktop, and in the right column on the desktop in a block or “knowledge card” Below is an example shown.

Fig. 5 – Shopping ads

Shopping ads are feed-based and may appear in image search, on YouTube and third-party sites.


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