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Learning about visitor behavior with Web Analytics Training

Learning about visitor behavior with Web Analytics Training

There is a lot of data and information available on the internet. A countless number of websites showcasing the details and products. But, the relevancy and the quality is becoming a concern in such a large amount of data. It becomes difficult to understand which data is relevant from the visitor’s point of view and this is where Google Analytics comes into the picture when it becomes important to understand the website data to ultimately grow the traffic on the website thus affecting the business. Web analytics is a type of data analysis using various tools that helps in analyzing the website.

Importance of Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a way that helps in measuring the business feedbacks through the behavior of the website visitor. To understand it broadly it is to be taken as a closed-loop wherein the customers visit the website, marking the behavior of the clicks by the visitor and the navigation pattern, the collection of the data takes place, this collection of the data is then reported and analyzed. The analysis of the data forms the basis of any kind of change that is to be brought in the business strategies and so on.

Steps in web Analytics

There are mainly seven steps that are to be followed to understand the visitor behavior through web analytics such as:

  1. Define: To define the business objective
  2. Assess: To assess the current working of the website
  3. Focus: Understanding the gap in the expectation and the ongoing trend
  4. Plan: To try and make up a strategy required for changing the customer behavior
  5. Act: To execute the plan of changing the  strategy to grab more visitors
  6. Measure: To measure the outcome through the web analytics tools
  7. Refine: To make modifications based upon the measure

Types of Web Analytics

Web analytics is the short form of website analytics where the data is collected, reported, and further analyzed to bring about the change in the behavior of the visitors. Broadly there are 2 ways in which web analytics can be done such as:

Off-Line Web Analytics: The visitor behavior is analyzed irrespective of whether they own the website or not Here the web analytics is done based upon the visitor behavior on the particular website

Off-Line Web Analytics: Visitor behavior is analyzed irrespective of whether they own the website or not.

How is it done?

Web Analytics is done with the help of various tools that help in directing the areas to work upon. For various sections, there are different concentrated tools and the organizations use different tools to analyze deeply and strategize the marketing behavior ahead. This is mainly done by keeping in mind the target audience, digital marketing campaigns, and the ultimate goal of the business. Various tools help in analyzing the data of the website in detail such as:

  1. Content Analytics Tools
  2. Customer Analytics Tools
  3. Usability Analytics Tools
  4. A/B Multivariate Testing Tool
  5. Social Media Analytics Tools
  6. SEO Analytics Tools
  7. General Enterprise Analytics Tools
  8. Open source web analytics tools

The above-listed tools help in analyzing the data and working upon the data accordingly to attain the desired visitors on the website. But it is not just the tools that help in analysis, observations and the previous trend also help in analyzing and reporting the data. It surely helps in bringing the amendments and modifications in the content or the SEO techniques to further increase the traffic on the website.


Visitor traffic on the website is something that becomes a matter of concern in seek of continuous growth by the organizations and for that, the analysis needs to be done keeping in mind the ultimate goal of the business. Some tools help in understanding the behavior of the visitors on the website and these tools are taught by the professionals that impart the Web Analytics Training in Chandigarh. With the web analytics training, the professionals understand the need and the areas of modification that may result in increased traffic on the website ultimately leading to a higher customer base and popularity of the website. Trained teachers and the updated technology when work hand in hand are dedicated to delivering great results.