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Tally Interview Questions & Answers 2019

In case you’re searching for Tally Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed organizations on the planet. According to research, an average Salary figures for a Tally ERP will be $46,912 – $69,761. In this way, regardless you have chance to move forward in your career in Tally. CBitss technologies offers Advanced Tally Interview Questions 2019 that help you in cracking your interview and secure dream career as Tally.

Q1: Explain Tally and its applications?

Tally is an accounting software used for various purposes such as: –

  • Tally is a accounting software utilized for performing different reason like: –
  • Performing all basic accounting functions of inventory management,
  • Costing like jobs and different random overheads
  • Administering payroll of Office Staffs
  • filing of tax returns, preparation of balance sheet, profit and loss statement, GST, calculation balance, Fund flow statement etc.
  • Helping in budgeting  and varieties in it.
  • Calculation of interest on outstanding amounts.
  • Synchronizing and managing data over different locations.

Q2: What is the difference between Tally ERP 9 and Tally 7.2?

Tally is a solution that integrates the basic functions related to Accounting, reporting and inventory in any associations.

Tally ERP contains many features including payroll accounting, TDS and other tax parameters

Q3: Mention what features are available in Tally ERP 9 for Accounting?

There are various features are available in Tally ERP 9 for Accounting: –

  1. Outstanding Management for better Finance Management
  2. Cost/Profit Centers Management for better ledger maintenance.
  3. Invoicing of all dealers
  4. Budget/Scenario supervision
  5. Other features like Printing of checks, etc.

Q4: What are the features integrated in Tally ERP 9?

  1. E-mail option: Users can send reports to many beneficiaries.
  2. Accounting Voucher:The unique ID for each voucher also ensures that the voucher are numbered sequentially.
  3. Print bank statement – You can choose whether to print bank details.
  4. Credit Limits: The credit limit control set for a dealer will not be applied on the sales order. A warning will be notified by the credit limit, while the user can save the voucher
  5. GST:  The GST form details are recorded in their simplest form in the invoice and will get printed
  6. Excise for Manufacturers: According to dates, types and tariffs, details of buyers and suppliers are displayed on vouchers including daily stock maintenance
  7. Payroll: According to the National Pension Scheme, Tally ERP 9  enables the giving out salary
  8. Tax Audit: As per the requirements of CBDT, updated with forms like 3 CB, 3CD and 3CA
  9. XBRL: Only limited to those organizations, sent to consolidate the nature of the report.


  • The TDS function is the latest features over the entire scale of the TDS related process, from the creation of TDS responsibility, it is the right to discharge it and create an electronic file.
  • TDS facilities are the latest facilities on the whole scale of TDS-related processes, right from the creation of a TDS liability discharging and creating e-files for the same
  • In the latest version of this software, the TDS facility has been fully modified with new features that integrate.
  • Ability to reduce TDS and the ability to record liability in a voucher (as a result of purchasing services) in  a singular voucher
  • We can likewise opt on making the TDS liability on an periodic basis
  • These days we don’t have to make distinctive ledger for payment associated or not related to TDS, as a similar ledger are being utilized for the two transactions.

Q5: What is the predefined ledgers available in Tally ERP 9?

  1. Cash: Under the group cash-in-hand, cash ledger has been created, where the opening balance can be filed as books start from.
  2. Profit and Loss Account: This account is created under the primary, where the profit or loss of the previous year is recorded as opening balance.

Q6: Mention the types of the ledger that can be made in Tally ERP 9.

There are various types of the ledger that can be made in Tally ERP 9 are as follows:-

  1. Generating sales/purchase ledger.
  2. Generating Income/Expense ledger.
  3. Generating party ledger.
  4. Generating bank account.
  5. Generating tax ledger.
  6. Generating current liabilities.

Q7: Mention what is the shortcuts for Voucher Creation and Alteration Screen in Tally ERP 9?

tally ERP 9, permits to make master (ledger, stock thing) on the voucher by the shortcut way Alt+C.

To change any master item on a voucher, we need to choose the explicit ledger on the business voucher screen and press Ctrl+Enter.

Q8: Mention the shortcut to repeat the narration on a voucher.

Press Ctrl + R shortcut to repeat the narration on any voucher.

Q9: What is a group in Tally ERP 9?

group is an assemblage of ledger of same nature. In any association, operating costs like electric bills, phone charge, transport, and so on are normally include in groups. ledger dependent on these costs can be made to be utilized while Accounting vouchers are entered. There are 28 Groups as a matter of course in Tally.

Q10: Mention the types of vouchers? Also give the shortcut for creating these vouchers?

The types of vouchers that can be created with Tally ERP 9 are as follows.

  • Contra Voucher – (F4): It indicates the transfer of funds from a bank account into a cash account or cash account to a bank account or to a different bank account of different banks.
  • Payment Voucher – (F5): We explain past payment of each account such as salary, rent etc.
  • Receipt Voucher – (F6): I will explain transactions related to received payment.
  • Journal Voucher – (F7): Maintain expenses to maintain the running cost of the organization.
  • Sales / invoice voucher – (F8): In this voucher, the created sales document and sales invoice are displayed
  • This voucher shows the sales made and displays the sales invoice
  • Credit Note Voucher – (Cntrl+F8): Entry to this voucher is made when the customer returns products that were not correctly distributed.
  • Purchase Voucher – (F9): Voucher made for things obtained for maintaining the systematic raw materials, and so forth.
  • Debit Note Voucher – (Cntrl+F9):
  • A voucher that keeps records of when goods are returned to suppliers because the goods are damaged.
  • Reversing Journals – F10: It is a special entry that gets naturally turned around after the date of the issue.
  • Memo Voucher – Cntrl+F10:This voucher marks an unknown cost at the moment that it can be converted into an actual sales voucher or can be deleted.

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